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The Bone FactoryThe Jackson Pumped Storage Project was supposed to be one of the most ambitious hydropower experiments in the world. But when a particularly brutal winter and bad planning forced a shutdown in construction, it became one of the most expensive mistakes the locals had ever seen. That is, until Hydro Development decided to try again, and awakened a sleeping giant–and the murders begin.

A thousand miles away, hydropower engineer David Pierce gets a second chance when he’s hired to head a crucial part of the resurrected facility. Recently fired from a position with a rival company, his world was swiftly crumbling before his eyes, his marriage in trouble and money growing tight. In the blink of an eye, everything changes, and he, his wife and their young daughter are driving to Quebec City to begin their new lives together.

But Jessica Pierce is no ordinary little girl, and the visions that have haunted her since birth swiftly grow worse: visions of the “blue man,” and with him comes blood and pain and terror. There begins the most horrifying few weeks of the family’s lives as they battle the unforgiving Canadian winter and a madman under the influence of something far more terrifying and destructive than anyone can understand.

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