Shroud on PRIME

Posted by on Jul 22, 2009 in Prime, Reviews

“A blistering, fast-paced tale channeling the likes of “Blade Runner”, “Johnny Mnemonic”, even a bit of “The Matrix”. Offering social commentary as well as thrills and intrigue, Kenyon shifts from horror to science fiction and cyberpunk smoothly, enhancing an already strong storytelling reputation and widening his repertoire…To say that this is Kenyon’s best work is a bit of a misnomer – indicating his other works are of lesser quality, which is simply not true. “Prime”, however, is much more ambitious, and offers serious introspection on the nature of man and technology…and where our world is headed. In a way – while carefully avoiding hyperbole – “Prime” offers a similar impact as Bradbury’s classic “Fahrenheit 451”, because in a world that becomes ever more “plastic”, where “reality” is so easily simulated…Kenyon’s story is hauntingly plausible.”

–SHROUD Magazine