Library Journal Calls DAY ONE Kenyon’s “Scariest to Date”

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in News, Reviews

From Library Journal:

Kenyon is known for his novels of horror (The Bone Factory), but this possible Armageddon scenario is his scariest to date. Tainted by scandal, journalist John Hawke’s career is at a crossroads, and his family is ready to walk away as well. He hopes to turn things around when he lands an opportunity to interview James Weller, a tech legend who has created a new computer company. Hawke is in Weller’s downtown Manhattan office when the technological malfunctions begin. Soon every item with an Internet connection or access to the electrical grid begins to go haywire. Safety and trust evaporate.

Verdict: Kenyon takes our reliance on technology and shows in a horrific and realistic way how much our world would crumble if we had to fend for ourselves. The pace is tense and the violence a bit gruesome at times, but this thriller is a must for horror fans or readers looking to convince others to put down their smartphones.

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