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AN EX-CON on the run from his own shattered past… A WOMAN taken against her will… A YOUNG MAN consumed by rage… AND A TOWN on the edge of darkness. In White Falls, a horrifying truth is about to be uncovered that will unleash an ancient evil. Some secrets should remain buried… A recovering alcoholic on the run from his past, all Billy Smith wants is to be left alone. But the visions that torture his every living moment will not let him rest. Commanded by the voices in his head to commit acts of violence he does not understand, he kidnaps a prostitute known only as Angel and heads north to a bucolic little New England town called White Falls. There, the two strangers try to blend in while they struggle to understand the bizarre circumstances that have brought them together. But in this town all is not what it seems. Something monstrous has taken root in White Falls, and has waited centuries for the right time to awaken. As the town draws closer to its Spring Festival, psyches begin to unravel and violence erupts. Nobody is safe from the madness that spreads from neighbor to neighbor, kin to kin. As Billy Smith and Angel hurtle headlong towards their ultimate destiny, they find themselves in the grip of a power much greater than they can imagine. The fate of the living ultimately rests on the back of one man. For the dead are watching . . . and they are hungry. Read an Excerpt Read Reviews Buy...

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