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How do you stop a killer who isn’t real? William Bellow just couldn’t stay retired. The world’s greatest bug hunter almost lost his life five years ago inside the Net, but when the New London network asks for his help against a vicious new virus that is killing users, he can’t say no. There’s never been a bug hunter like Bellow. People say he’s the first of an entirely new species, one that can interact directly with the Net, the next step in human evolution. But Bellow has never battled a bug like this before, and maybe he’s past his prime. When he falls for a newborn sex clone of a Hollywood movie star, he starts to wonder if he’s in over his head. There’s something about Kara that drives him crazy, in all the right ways, but she’s a distraction he can’t afford. She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she just might get him killed. When Bellow goes underground and taps into a shadowy network of extremists who live off the grid, he uncovers a vast conspiracy that leads to the highest levels of Net society. Every step he takes leads him closer to uncovering a secret that threatens to tear him apart–and closer to a bug that will not stop until he’s dead. Kenyon’s fast-paced, twisting thriller tracks Bellow’s progress forward through the case and backward through his own questionable past. Scheduled for release in summer 2009, Prime is a must-read for fans of Richard K. Morgan, Neal Stephenson, and Philip K. Dick. Nate Kenyon has already proven himself a hell of a writer, but PRIME puts him on a whole new level. PRIME is sexy, two-fisted Future Noir that riffs off of present day questions of techno-ethics and still manages an emotional finale. Bravo! —Christopher Golden, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Baltimore, The Myth Hunters, and Wildwood Road Nate Kenyon really messes with your alphas in this one: a futuristic thriller with shocks, startling insights into the human mind, and surprising twists, it’s also deeply relevant to what’s happening in the world today.” —Tim Lebbon, Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Award-winning author of Dusk, Dawn, and The Island Read an Excerpt Read Reviews Buy...

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The Jackson Pumped Storage Project was supposed to be one of the most ambitious hydropower experiments in the world. But when a particularly brutal winter and bad planning forced a shutdown in construction, it became one of the most expensive mistakes the locals had ever seen. That is, until Hydro Development decided to try again, and awakened a sleeping giant–and the murders begin. A thousand miles away, hydropower engineer David Pierce gets a second chance when he’s hired to head a crucial part of the resurrected facility. Recently fired from a position with a rival company, his world was swiftly crumbling before his eyes, his marriage in trouble and money growing tight. In the blink of an eye, everything changes, and he, his wife and their young daughter are driving to Quebec City to begin their new lives together. But Jessica Pierce is no ordinary little girl, and the visions that have haunted her since birth swiftly grow worse: visions of the “blue man,” and with him comes blood and pain and terror. There begins the most horrifying few weeks of the family’s lives as they battle the unforgiving Canadian winter and a madman under the influence of something far more terrifying and destructive than anyone can understand. Read an Excerpt Read Reviews Buy...

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Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in fear… They were just a group of high school kids looking for a place to party. They didn’t know the end of the world was coming. Now, alone and trapped below ground, they are being stalked—and the creatures that come to visit them through the dirt and ash are like nothing anyone has ever seen before. There is a new ruling life form on earth, and six humans are the only remaining prey. Welcome to your worst nightmare. Welcome to… SPARROW ROCK Read an Excerpt Read Reviews Buy...

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Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning… This is the story that StarCraft fans have been waiting for—a pulse-pounding adventure based on the never-released StarCraft: Ghost tactical-action console game. StarCraft: Ghost—Spectres unveils a tumultuous chapter in Nova’s life and the insidious origins of the spectres featured in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the record-breaking sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s highly praised real-time strategy games StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. Read an Excerpt Buy...

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